Maggie, also known as Draskia, art and humanitarian enthusiast looking to influence the world to be a better place through motivation and positivity. 

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My Story

Ever the optimist, Maggie has been pushing forwards, no matter the hurdles, since a very early age. At 18, Maggie married her high school sweetheart and they had their first baby girl. Their beautiful family just starting out was exactly what she needed to fuel her passions. Since Maggie was at home with her 3 beautiful babies over the years she set her goal to bring in an income to build the life she dreamed of without leaving her children.

No matter the subject, Maggie applies herself 110%. She has become well versed in digital art and and illustrations, graphic design, social media management and time management skills, personal photography and photo editing, and much more.

As a budding millennial, Maggie turned to online communities to connect with others. There she found her love for all forms of entertainment, focusing on Film, books and humanitarian efforts.

Today, she shares the life lessons she's learned in bite sized lessons  online via social media with her constantly growing communities. She enjoys sharing her opinions on entertainment media, tech and humanitarian efforts.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. - Contact Maggie

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