Commission information 

What do you get art wise? 

  • ​Unlimited rough draft rewords til you're happy with the final idea.

  • All sizes requested - File size + social media size (for emotes and badges all 3 resizes)

  • Previews for social media (mainly for emotes) (for shirts - a demo with your art on it)

  •  Up to 1 year I keep all files. Within that year you get as many color adjustments you need! change your hair color? - DONE! Need a new shirt color - DONE! 

Please take a second to read over the TOS and a bit of info here:

  • NO:

    • Complex armor​

    • P0rn (requests can be made on patreon)

  • Deadlines MUST be addressed before hand. You will be placed on the wait-list if otherwise stated. Rush orders are subjected to extra charge. All work is put on waitlist. Wait time can vary depending on circumstances around order time (ie: huge influx of orders) I do not offer refunds. 

  • Orders must be put on the form. A DM or email can get lost. The form updates 3 different things so I don’t lose things. :)

  • Art is all non-commercial unless otherwise stated.

  • Payment MUST be paid before work is started.

  • Orders are done in order of which they are paid.

  • Draskia has a day job, a house, 3 kids, 3 pets and 2 other adults to take care of. Be patient. 

  • Please Note: All prices shown on this document are representative of the average commission and your idea may take more time than these prices represent. If you’re curious about the cost of a planned inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email. contact [at] draskia [dot] com.

Emotes/Badges - $30/each

This includes rough drafts, adjustments and social media previews. 

Chibi - $40/each

This includes rough drafts, adjustments and social media previews. 

Portrait - $80-$150+ each

This includes rough drafts, adjustments and social media previews. 

Other/ Extra - TBD

Please email for ordering and pricing info.  

  • Full body drawing

  • Panels/branding

  • Character drawings

Are you interested in art? 

Once the art is ordered here’s what is expected!  

I will contact you via email and we will iron out the details. 

When we setting on a price I will send you an invoice with the amount due and you will pay.

Once you've paid  you are next up on my list! 

Commissions are done in the order they are paid! This lets me keep my orders open all year long.

I will let you know when I start the work via message through either twitter or email.

Once the rough draft has been approved by you, and only then, I will start the inking. This is also the time to make any changes. Once I start inking I won’t be able to make changes.

When that is done I will send you an update of your art with just the flat colors (no shading) to make sure the color are okay.

When that is all signed off on I will finish the picture and send you the final draft for approval. At this point the only changes that can be made are to colors.

When you’re happy I will email you the art with two sizes! One LG (large) for what you ordered it for and one sm (small) with watermarks for social media. For merchandise I will try my best to send “live examples” also.

Already ordered art? Wondering where it is? Want to see the current waitlist?

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