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Dune - The Sci-fi experience I've been waiting for

When I say the Dune movie is *chef's kiss* good. I mean it with all the obsession of the child that grew up watching the original movie with her beloved, and late, grandfather.

In summary: Its great. Go see it if you are a fan of the book or a Dune (1984) fan but you want to see a more polished world. If you'd like more of my thoughts, without spoilers, please keep reading.

The wonderful folks at Warner Bro's treated me and my husband to an early screening of Dune at the Harkins Cine-capri movie theater here in Scottsdale this last Wednesday, October 13th. There, we were greeted at the door and sent to a VIP table where we got our tickets and a small bag of spice! No worms encountered.

"Maggie, get to the movie review," you are thinking. Okay, okay, here we go. This is my first FULL length review of a movie vs just posting my thoughts online across social media. I'm a bit excited about the entire thing!! Here we go, please be nice.


Dune (2021) is not something to be passed up on. From the mind of Denis Villeneuve, the genius that gave us one of my favorite movies ever - Blade Runner 2049, we have part 1 of what I can only describe as a Science Fiction Epic to be marked down in history.

Visually, Dune (2021) is stunning. The films causal introduction of larger than fathomable monoliths, ships and creatures are offered up so that you feel like it all fits together naturally. The depth and magnitude of the world is given in such a way that you must believe it is unlimited. I felt like I could walk into the screen and get eaten by a sand worm myself.

If you are a fan of Blade Runner 2049 you will know there is no real "sound track" to be loaded up on Spotify and blasted while going to pick up dinner. Denis Villeneuve manages to use soundscapes to make his worlds more atmospheric. The sounds of Dune envelop and amplify the feelings on the screen.

I felt like my favorite parts of David Lynch's Dune were left intact while Denis Villeneuve was enhancing the most beautiful and iconic aspects of the book itself. Taking note that Frank Herbert's Dune was so dense with lore and background it has a glossary in the back for those that go in reading blind, Villeneuve breaking the movie up into parts was the best thing to happen to the universe its self. Even with the runtime of 2h 35min, Dune (2021) is too short! I look forward to binge-watching all the Dune movies by Villeneuve in a row at some point.

Dune its self is a deep novel full of messaging and lessons to be learned by the reader. I adore David Lynch for his work on Twin Peaks and introducing me to the Dune universe but so much of what Frank Hurbert tried to impart to us was lost in his adaptation. For example, Kyle MacLachlan's Paul felt like a different person compared to the maybe-messiah Timothée Chalamet portrayed. MacLachlan's Paul felt like a dangerous boy set on vengeance while Chalamet's Paul feels like the man we meet in the text of the book.

My closing words are this: See this in theaters. Give this movie the time it deserves. There will be plenty of chances to throw it on while you are folding clothes later in life. When this movie drops into theaters near you have a nice dinner, get dressed up and have a date with this fantastic world. You won't regret it.. or at least I hope you won't.

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