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Homelessness and Compassion, or lack of

I've seen chatter lately that makes me lose my faith in a lot of people. I'm sad to call a lot of these people neighbors. I'm 90% certain many that come across this will just brush me off as a "young idiot" and not even read 'til the end, but that's on them.

Homeless PEOPLE are still PEOPLE. You do not know their reasons for what they do or what put them in the position they are today. There are ways you can be less heartless and more compassionate. First, take the time to understand.

No one WANTS to be homeless. No one wants to be on drugs. They want a relief from the hell that has fallen on them. Those "zombie" and "cockroaches", as I've seen many call them, are our veterans and families on hard times. According to statistics there are over 900 homeless veterans in Arizona as of 2020 alone.

You can do so much with your voices and you choose to talk crap on this website and to your friends? DO SOMETHING. Lobby for affordable housing; we all know there is a massive issue with the cost of housing thanks to corporations buying up houses and jacking rent up. Lobby for better veterans health; we all know they are not appreciated enough. Lobby for better insurance laws so people can get their mental health treated without having to find relief from street drugs; we all know insurance is a joke. Lobby for better domestic violence laws and protections; we all know women and children run from abusive homes. If any of this is news to you please appreciate your privileges.

These are as simple as posting to Nextdoor or Facebook. Vote for representatives that care; that act and don't string everyone along. Email your representatives or give them a call. They serve us. Not the other way around.

Don't have faith in the government? Find a charity, church, or NGO that helps. There are plenty that need to support and volunteers.

If you've made it to the end, congrats. You're a better human than most here. For the records, I'm not posting this as a republican or democrat. I'm not posting this as a Christian or other. I'm posting this as a humanitarian. As someone who cares for the needy.

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